Fully functional MERCONIS demo for your contao shop

Check out MERCONIS the way you like and without any risk! The demo version of MERCONIS provides you with all features and functions, only the maximum number of products in your demo shop is limited. This enables you to check out MERCONIS calmly and in your own time and to even entirely set up your shop, to import products etc. and to license the software if you like it.

There are many ways to get your demo!

ErweiterungskatalogExtension repository

You can install the MERCONIS demo directly in Contao via its „Extension repository“.

ModuldownloadModule download

But you can also download the MERCONIS demo as a module in the Contao Extension Repository.

Tip: Of course, the MERCONIS PRODUCT MANAGER (abbreviated “MPM”) is also included in the demo. You will find it in the merconisfiles folder.