Low system requirements for MERCONIS/Contao

For the operation of MERCONIS you only require a Contao installation. MERCONIS itself is then installed directly in Contao by the click of a button. Therefore, you only need to fulfil the system requirements for Contao which are the currently usual and common system components for the operation of websites. For administration on your computer you only need an internet connection.

Both Contao and MERCONIS can be installed with just a few mouse clicks. If you need help, please contact our MERCONIS techSupport.

Or simply use the live demo to check out MERCONIS in your own time! Installation is not required. And if you are still looking for a hosting provider anyway, then we can offer you a powerful hosting with a completely pre-installed MERCONIS/Contao included.

Minimum requirements, maximum output!

serverseitige Systemanforderungenserver-sided

You only need to fulfil the system requirements for Contao.

MERCONIS itself is installed by the click of a button directly within Contao by means of automatic installation and is compatible with Contao versions from 3.2 on.

No dependency on external extensions

Additionally, you don’t need any extensions of third parties for the operation of MERCONIS. Therefore, MERCONIS updates will not be delayed by missing external components!

arbeitsplatzseitige SystemanforderungenClient-sided

To manage your products and settings in MERCONIS, you only need an internet connection.

If you wish to use the highly comfortable MERCONIS PRODUCT MANAGER for your product management, then you also require Excel version 2000 or higher.