Strong online stores with the CMS Contao. MERCONIS, the webshop extension.

Merconis is the strong, flexible and at the same time easy-to-use e-commerce solution that seamlessly integrates with the well-known and powerful content management system (CMS) Contao. With this impressive combination of online store and CMS, you have the best of both worlds: High-quality and professional features for sales and maximum flexibility in designing and maintaining your entire presence.

You are a merchant?

If so, you'll be delighted with Merconis' extensive range of features and ease of use!

So that you can concentrate fully on selling your products, we or one of our professional partner agencies will commission Merconis for you and customize it to your very specific wishes and requirements.

Please contact us for a personalized consultation! All contact options can be found here!

You are working as an agency?

If you are a professional web agency and want to use Merconis for your customer projects, Merconis is the right choice for you!

To make your very first project with Merconis a complete success for you and your client, please take advantage of our training offer. Contact us here for advice and to schedule a training appointment.

Merconis Contao Installation

That speaks for itself!

Contao Webshop Theme responsivefully responsive

Merconis already adapts to any screen width in a "fully responsive" way due to the included default theme. This mobile capability means that the user experience is optimal for users on all devices right from the start. The sample content prepared in the theme makes it easy for you to design your own content to be fully mobile-responsive as well.

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Contao online store flexible customizablefully customizable

With Merconis, online stores can be completely individualized - both functionally and visually. Much can be easily set and managed directly from the Contao backend. Through template customizations really almost every detail can be customized and if it becomes quite special, JavaScript components and PHP routines are also customizable and extensible.

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Contao Onlineshop Support Telefon Forumstrong support

You have questions or ideas? Give us a call or write us! Or do you want a special solution or even a complete store setup? Our techSupport offers everything - inexpensive and unbureaucratic.

Contao Webshop all functions CMSno compromises

The symbiosis of MERCONIS & Contao means for you that you have all the possibilities of the CMS & of the online store system at the same time. And that in unison completely under one roof, fully integrated!

You need competent, affordable support? With pleasure, directly from your MERCONIS manufacturer.

As manufacturer of MERCONIS we offer our customers not "only" our store system MERCONIS, but also realize your complete store appearance on request with our own full service agency. Of course you can also hire us to only perform partial tasks, such as theme adaptations, special programming, connection to your inventory management, etc. So if you do not have your own web designer or are one yourself but still need unbureaucratic professional support, a call to our techSupport at 07151 20952-24 or email is enough.

Selected examples of shops

With an online store with MERCONIS/Contao you have virtually endless functional and visual possibilities. Catapult your e-commerce to the next level!

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